51 Years

from by Fate of Eternity

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“51 Years” is a callback to the days of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the youth of Congressman John Lewis. It recants the days of the civil rights leaders and, for better or worse, compares them to the struggles of the modern day. This song is dedicated to the three aforementioned, exceptional gentlemen.


For it is in the darkness, that we see the light before us.
It is in eternal desperation and hopelessness
that we remember what it was like to feel.
Together my friends, give me your hands. Let us fight.

Can you tell me
How we got here?
Can you show me how we
Lost our way?

This is the hour
Can you feel it?
I think it’s time to say we’ve
Had enough

Hey darling can you feel it?
The fury burning in us
Say, will you stand up too and tell me
Will you listen, tell me can you hear it?
The horrors in the air that
Form from the empty darkness
But let me show you something
Take a minute

You can watch it burn!
Darkness surrounds us
Burn away!
How can you just stand there and look away?
Stand aside!
Make me.

Crashing rain that falls below
Everything that we took for granted
Now will you take the sword when it comes your way?
Or will you fight another day?

I know it feels impossible
That we can fight the system
Let’s try again some day
But wait a minute you can hear it calling

Can’t you feel it
Surging through you?
You can’t hide
It’s in your blood

Don’t you try and run!
Fear leaves us hollow
Run away!
This is the moment don’t turn away
Turn back now!

Darkness clouds the path again
But evil lies where the heroes falter
Let’s fight for something more than us
‘Cause once again it seems the time has come

Can you smell it in the air tonight?

Remember Selma…

Darkness envelopes the endless cycle
Greed and money take precedence over hunger
And slowly but surely, the margin widens
Until nothing is left
But them

This is the time where we will take a stand
51 years and it would seem that it’s time again
We will not watch as you just buy them off
May I remind you that We are the People

Darkness clouds the path ahead
But heroes rise when the evil’s silenced
Hand in hand we’ll make it through
Through fire and flood we will rise above
Stand with me just one more time
The day has come for the shadows have fallen
God, it seems, has turned his head
But hear us speak, let the Earth resound our call!

Rise up
Stand up
Make your move
Don’t just stand there watching
Fight for something
Take a stand
Don’t just let it slip away


from Rise, released July 4, 2017
Jordan Rhodes - Vocals/Guitars
Andrew McMullen - Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards
Aaron Betz - Bass/Vocals
James Best - Drums/Vocals

Special thanks to Rory Jackson, Gentry Stayton, Tyler O’Riley for lending us their voices for the “Remember Selma” chants.



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Fate of Eternity Evansville, Indiana

We're an alternative metal band from Evansville, Indiana. We're here to make some noise.

Jordan Rhodes
Aaron Betz
Andrew McMullen
James Best

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